3 artworks depicting Psyche’s hypothesized creation, our ideation, and the launch of the Psyche spacecraft. The first is an abstracted version of Psyche in its creation: flames and fragments appear as it may have looked like when Psyche formed. The second is a hand reaching and wrapping around the asteroid, with strands wrapping around the hand and the asteroid together. The third shows a spacecraft coming from Earth towards Psyche.

Psyche Inspired

Psyche Credits

Maia Huddleston

May 11, 2022

Major: Mass Media

Genre/Medium: Animated Sequence

About the work: This video shows each team and its members working on the Psyche mission. As someone brand new to animation, this took me over 30 hours to complete. Check out the current team list here! https://psyche.asu.edu/mission/the-team/full-psyche-team/

Psyche Inspired Overview

Psyche Inspired is a program that brings undergraduate students from any discipline or major together to share the excitement, innovation, and scientific and engineering content of NASA’s Psyche mission with the public in new ways through artistic and creative works. These works are posted in the gallery above and highlighted on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. View the full resolution images in the image gallery. ASU undergraduate Kaxandra Nessi is the student manager of Psyche Inspired, assisted by ASU undergraduate Tyler Burnside as deputy manager. Brooke Owen was the former student manager from 2017-2019. This year’s Psyche Inspired cohort is known as the Copper Class.

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Psyche Inspired was piloted at ASU during the 2017-2018 academic year. The following academic year, Psyche Inspired expanded nationally! The works from each Psyche Inspired cohort are collected in individual downloadable books that tell the story of Psyche through musical scores, sculptures, painting, 3-D models, photography, acrylic art, needlepoint, stop-motion films, mixed media, and more.

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Take a look at our map that shows how the Psyche Inspired program has grown over the years!

Current Student Collaborations Participants

View a list of the students, faculty, staff, and mentors currently involved in Psyche Student Collaborations.


Student Collaborations Participants