Story of Psyche


November 1st, 2023

Major: 3D Digital Design

Genre/Medium: Digital 3D; Photoshop, ZBrush, Substance Painter, & Blender

About the work: This piece explores Psyche’s past, present, and future as an asteroid through three separate panels inspired by metal engravings. The first panel on the left is Psyche’s past, where another asteroid is colliding with Psyche, creating an explosion of molten metal. While the exact formation and appearance of Psyche is still uncertain, the asteroid was most likely part of multiple collisions when the solar system was forming, which created many craters. In the second panel in the middle, the asteroid is as it currently is, existing in the asteroid belt among other asteroids. The final panel on the right is the future of Psyche, where the Psyche spacecraft has arrived and is studying the asteroid. To create this piece, I began by drawing a grayscale alpha that was then utilized as a mask on a 3D model to “pull out” the design. I created a material that looks like metal and then lit and rendered the model.

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Date Added: 11-01-2023
Credit: Paige Manley

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