Innovation Toolkit

Free Online Courses

The NASA Psyche Mission Innovation Toolkit includes a series of free online courses based on the real-world challenges and skills associated with the Psyche mission’s┬áscience, engineering, technology, and teamwork. Courses will be developed throughout the life of the mission.

Course 1: The Process and Lifetime of a Space Mission

A space mission encompasses so much more than reaching a destination and sending back discoveries! The Process and Lifetime of a Space Mission course shares the story of a team creating a NASA robotic space mission. As a participant in this course, you will learn about and practice elements of the process and lifetime of a space mission, from idea to flight. Aspects of the preparation and submission of a proposal, team-building, design, construction, modeling, testing, launching, tracking, and data collection and analysis processes will be covered.

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Course 2: Inclusive Mindset: Tools for Building Positive Team Culture

Organizations, universities, and businesses (and missions!) benefit most when people work together smoothly as a team. An inclusive mindset, collaborative team culture, teamwork, and positive communication are among the skills such organizations value most to achieve their goals. In this course, you will learn about team culture, strategies for working as part of a diverse team, and techniques for developing a positive, collaborative inclusive mindset.

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