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This image shows two grey 3D-printed artist's conception of the Psyche asteroid.

Models & Materials

Make your own 3-D printed Psyche asteroid model or Psyche spacecraft model with files downloadable from Thingiverse. Print and assemble a paper model. Watch an animation and complete an online lesson about Psyche.  And be sure to check back for many upcoming materials and opportunities in development!

Psyche Asteroid 3D Model

A couple of years in the making, this model of the Psyche Asteroid incorporates both the best shape model for the body that has been created using radar from Arecibo Observatory (Shepard+ 2017) and details of the surface, including faults and craters, based on the best existing physical and chemical models.

Go To Thingiverse Asteroid Model

Psyche Mission Spacecraft 3D Model

The Psyche spacecraft model was created by Anne Norenberg, a student at Arizona State University studying digital culture (design). She is one of the Psyche Mission’s “Psyche Inspired” interns. This is her first project for “Psyche Inspired.” Anne created this model using AutoDesk Fusion 360 and constructed the model in three parts, which can be assembled to create the body of the spacecraft and the two solar panels.

Go To Thingiverse Spacecraft Model

Psyche Mission Spacecraft Paper Model

You can also make a paper model, created by Viren Patel from SSL, with printed or video instructions below:

Paper Spacecraft Printout
Paper Spacecraft Instructions

Psyche Spacecraft LEGO Model

Download the parts list and watch how to make your own LEGO model of the Psyche spacecraft:

Psyche Zine

Make and read a one-page ‘zine’ about Psyche, created by Megan Bromley of Psyche Inspired. Print out your zine and watch a video about how to fold it into a mini book:

Psyche Zine Printout (PDF)


Psyche’s Journey to a Metal World

Psyche Inspired participants wrote and illustrated a coloring book about the Psyche mission from the perspective of the spacecraft.

Read the book online

Download and print a copy to color (PDF: Regular – 3MB / Large – 39MB)

Why is NASA sending a spacecraft to a metal world?

View this TED-Ed video about the Psyche mission and check out the full lesson on the TED-Ed website.

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