Psyche Odyssey Vinyl Album

Miranda Unwin

January 17th, 2024

Major: Art

Genre/Medium: Digital- Adobe Illustrator

About the work: This artwork is designed to encompass the similarity of movement between gravity waves and sound waves. The musical harmony of the universe is visually represented by the brand colors of the Psyche mission and dynamic elements that create flow and movement. “Easter Eggs” (hidden clues) are scattered throughout the piece tying in the team on Earth’s involvement behind this incredible mission. The planet Earth is featured on the central part of the tonearm. Jupiter and Mars are placed in the background to give viewers an idea of where the Psyche asteroid and spacecraft will be located in our planetary system on the projected arrival date in 2029. The 2026 date above Mars is the year the Psyche spacecraft will be passing through the orbit of Mars to slingshot itself to its final destination. The squared object on the right side called the pitch control features the date of the Psyche spacecraft launch from Earth. The title of this vinyl album is “Celestial Havoc: The Psyche Odyssey”, which is a play on the Greek epic “The Odyssey”, as this mission will be an incredible journey far from home. There are elements in this piece that relate to the Greek tale of the goddess Psyche and her godly lover Eros. There is a constellation of butterfly wings to represent the goddess Psyche and a bow and arrow to represent the god Eros. The name of the composer of this vinyl album is “Violent History of Collisions”, which was a sentence that struck me when reading about the formation of the asteroid Psyche. The pink/purple circle in the center is a representation of a vinyl album that conducts the waves of the Psyche asteroid and spacecraft. The Psyche craft sits on the needle of the vinyl player keeping the two objects in sync with each other. In the background of the composition are the names of all the individuals who helped make the mission to Psyche happen, without their contribution this mission and my role within it would not be possible.

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Date Added: 01-17-2024
Credit: Miranda Unwin

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