3D Psyche


May 3rd, 2024

Major: Computer Science

Genre/Medium: Ink and Watercolor on Watercolor paper

About the work: “3D Psyche” is an exploration of all the different components that make up the psyche mission. Each panel of this paper sculpture has a illustration of what makes Psyche unique. For instance, some of the panels contain references to the myth of Psyche, such as Psyche flowers and Eros’s wings. Other aspects of this piece reference the surface, journey, and location of the Psyche asteroid. I also included drawings of the scientific parts that make up the Psyche spacecraft, including diagrams from actual research papers produced by the Psyche team. At the top of this sculpture, there is a blank square to represent that the story of the Psyche mission is not yet complete.

The inspiration of this piece comes from Ludwig von Hohenfeld’s Polyhedra sun dial. I wanted to reinterpret the classic sun dial in context of Psyche, and demonstrate the beauty of this metal asteroid.

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Date Added: 05-03-2024
Credit: Aditi Mungale

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