Sense of Wonder

Becca Holdren

December 20th, 2023

Major: Political Science

Genre/Medium: Markers and Ink Pen

About the work: “Sense of Wonder” highlights Psyche’s launch, capturing the feelings of childlike awe and joy in the launch of a rocket and the exploration of the unknown. The piece is drawn with marker and ink pen along with white colored pencil for the exhaust and depicts the launch of the Psyche mission. The rocket and exhaust are drawn semi-realistically, showing the effort and technical skills that went into pulling off a launch. The sky is purple with orange clouds, matching the colors of the Psyche mission patch. The vibrant color palette of the sky along with the inclusion of butterfly wings (the Greek goddess Psyche was often depicted with butterfly wings), gives a more fantastical vibe, capturing the sense of wonder in launching a mission into space. The wings are a blend of purples and blues, white stars, and geometric patterns, with each wing having a smaller drawing including Psyche the goddess, the spacecraft, the asteroid, and the rocket. The pattern work on the wings also represents the technical complexity in space travel and exploration.

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Date Added: 12-20-2023
Credit: Rebecca Holdren

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