On Display


November 8th, 2023

Major: Business and Art History

Genre/Medium: Colored pencil, pastel, and gel pen on drawing paper

About the work: “On Display” is a mixed media piece that examines the potential impact of future discoveries about the composition and nature of Psyche. The central focus of the piece is the Psyche asteroid, which is depicted on a display mount typically utilized for rocks or gemstones in a museum. The composition of Psyche “on display” is meant to probe the importance and innovations of the mission and invite the viewer to imagine what the most notable scientific contributions attributed to Psyche will be in years to come. In this work, the asteroid is drawn in colored pencil, and the background was created with a combination of pastels and gel pen. In drafting this piece, I opted to pursue a simple, clean composition to emphasize the asteroid and the power of recognition. Museums and their displays have the ability to influence what we take away from historical events — what will we learn from Psyche?

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Date Added: 11-08-2023
Credit: Danielle Gu

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