This image shows two glowing arcs flowing from a crowd into the Psyche spacecraft.

Psyche Inspired – Cobalt Class

Psyche Comic

Sarah Tennant

August 21, 2020

Major: Illustration and Creative Writing

Genre/Medium: digital art

About the work: This was easily the most labor intensive project I did for my internship, but it was worth the work, as I am satisfied with the end result and learned so much about comic making and digital painting! This piece is a continuation of the work I made for Project 2, where I made a comic page based on a short poem I wrote about Psyche. I had a lot of fun making that comic page and decided I wanted to expand upon it and create a fully resolved mini-comic. However, I redrew the first page, since I felt that I had grown too much as an artist to use it in conjunction with new pages. I still maintained the narrative established in Project 2, though, where my ethereal protagonist explores Psyche’s supposed terrain. The comic’s text is comprised of the remainder of my poem, and I aimed to create a kind of reflective dialogue by pairing it with my illustrations. I think that when we examine Psyche, we can not only learn more about our Earth, but learn more about ourselves: our motivations for exploring the asteroid and the way we think about its physicality can provide insight into humanity’s own psyche.

Psyche Inspired Overview

Psyche Inspired is a program that brings undergraduate students from any discipline or major together to share the excitement, innovation, and scientific and engineering content of NASA’s Psyche mission with the public in new ways through artistic and creative works. These works are posted in the gallery above and highlighted on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. View the full resolution images in the image gallery. ASU undergraduate Kaxandra Nessi is the student manager of Psyche Inspired. Brooke Owen was the former student manager from 2017-2019. This year’s Psyche Inspired cohort is known as the Cobalt Class.

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Psyche Inspired was piloted at ASU during the 2017-2018 academic year. The works from the 2017-2018 Psyche Inspired cohort (known as the Titanium Class) are collected in a downloadable book that tells the story of Psyche through musical scores, sculptures, painting, 3-D models, photography, acrylic art, needlepoint, stop-motion films, and mixed media.

Psyche Inspired was expanded nationally during the 2018-2019 academic year. The works from the 2018-2019 Psyche Inspired cohort (known as the Iron Class) are also available in a downloadable book.

Take a look at our map that shows how the Psyche Inspired program has grown over the years!

Current Student Collaborations Participants

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