Psyche has a Metal Soul

Levi Keatts

October 28, 2019

Major: Art Foundation (intended Painting/Mathematics double major)

Genre/Medium: oil paint on aluminum composite panel

About the work: (16) Psyche is a metal asteroid that we believe may consist largely of nickel and iron. The team working on the Psyche mission hypothesizes that the asteroid may be the exposed core of an early protoplanet. When I was challenged to make artwork based on this mission, I immediately began to make connections between this information and the classical mythology and symbolism of Psyche, the goddess.

Psyche is the Greek goddess of the soul. It seemed very fitting to me that this asteroid that may allow us to learn about Earth’s core is named after the personification of soul, a concept that is the ‘core of humans’ in many spiritual beliefs. Because of this I decided to feature Psyche in her classical depiction for the focal point of my first piece.

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Date Added: 10-28-2019
Credit: Levi Keatts

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