Psyche Sweater

Binh-An Nguyen

May 1, 2020

Major: Chemistry (Art Minor)

Genre/Medium: acrylic, nylon, knitted

About the work: “Psyche Sweater” promotes the Psyche Mission and informs others on how the spacecraft will utilize X-band radio telecommunication technology to measure Psyche’s gravity field.The back is modeled after a sports jersey-like appearance, as everyone wants to support their favorite team: The Psyche Mission Team! The number 16 was chosen as Psyche was the 16th asteroid to be discovered. The front has an image of the spacecraft sending out radio waves. On the collar and cuffs, the colors of the Psyche Mission logo are represented in a space dye yarn. The overall pattern is that of a raglan sweater. Yarns of acrylic and acrylic nylon blend were used.

Date Added: 05-01-2020
Credit: Binh-An Nguyen

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