Psyche’s Core

Sarah Tennant

March 18, 2020

Major: Illustration and Creative Writing

Genre/Medium: digital collage

About the work: After learning about the Psyche Mission team’s desire to make their work’s collaborative nature more publicly known, I knew that would be the basis for my next project. I made and sent a questionnaire to the Psyche Mission team and my fellow interns, where they gave me their reasons as to why they think the Psyche Mission is important. By using the responses of others involved with Psyche to inform my art, I was able to introduce a collaborative element to my artwork, which would reflect the collaboration that occurs among scientists and the Psyche Mission team. Their responses largely involved a yearning for discovery and exploration and how Psyche’s similarities to Earth’s core could help further our understanding of our own planet. I hoped to capture these sentiments in my art through the use of color and symbolism.

Date Added: 03-18-2020
Credit: Sarah Tennant

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