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Psyche’s Core

Sarah Tennant

March 18, 2020

Major: Illustration and Creative Writing

Genre/Medium: digital collage

About the work: After listening to members of the Psyche Mission express what they’d like to see in Psyche inspired art and the collaborative nature of their work, I was inspired to make art that would answer their wishes. I sent the Psyche Mission team and my fellow Psyche Inspired interns a questionnaire I made, and they answered why they believe the Psyche Mission is important. This way, I could have all of us participate in making this art piece. Responses largely involved a yearning for discovery and exploration and how Psyche’s similarities to Earth’s core could help further our understanding of our own planet. I hoped to capture these sentiments in my art through the use of color and symbolism.

Date Added: 03-18-2020
Credit: Sarah Tennant

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