Impacting the Future

Levi Keatts

January 29, 2020

Major: Art Foundation (intended Painting/Mathematics double major)

Genre/Medium: acrylic paint, plexiglass, glass

About the work: One of the primary objectives of NASA’s Psyche mission is to determine if 16-Psyche is an exposed core of an early protoplanet, or if it is comprised of unmelted materials. I was inspired to create a piece around this question. This is my artistic imagining of an early collision removing chondritic crust from the protoplanet and exposing Psyche’s melted nickel-iron core. This painting was done using acrylic paint on the front and backs of plexiglass sheets (topped with a glass sheet). The final image is made from seven total sheets. My hope was that the physical thickness of the transparent materials I painted on would add a sense of additional depth to the work.

Date Added: 01-29-2020
Credit: Levi Keatts

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