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Psyche Inspired: Brooke Owen

Institution: Arizona State University

Major: Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior

Psyche Inspired Student Manager

This is an image of some of the 2018-29 Psyche Inspired interns at the Psyche Inspired Showcase in front of the Breaking Barriers banner.

NASA Psyche space mission arts program seeking undergraduates nationwide

Brooke Owen

October 1, 2019

Major: neurobiology, physiology and behavior

Genre/Medium: article

About the work: The NASA Psyche Mission is inviting undergraduate students from any university or community college in the U.S. and its territories to apply to become one of the space mission’s featured creatives, or “Psyche Inspired Interns,” for the 2019–20 academic year.

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This is the cover of the Psyche Inspired book for the Titanium Class. It shows the title, an outline of the Psyche spacecraft, and an artistic scribble of oranges, reds, and yellows.


Brooke Owen

October 18, 2018

Major: neurobiology, physiology and behavior

Genre/Medium: book

About the work: The works from the 2017-2018 Psyche Inspired cohort are collected in a downloadable book that tells the story of Psyche through musical scores, sculptures, painting, 3-D models, photography, acrylic art, needlepoint, stop-motion films, and mixed media.

Download the book (PDF: 66MB)

Overhead view of the Psyche Inspired showcase.

School of Earth and Space Exploration hosts ‘Psyche Inspired’ art showcase

Brooke Owen

April 19, 2018

Major: neurobiology, physiology and behavior

Genre/Medium: article

About the work: An inaugural class of students displayed their space-mission inspired works of art.

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This image shows a subset of the Psyche Inspired interns in front of the Psyche Inspired Showcase photo booth.

Psyche Inspired Overview

Brooke Owen

April 12, 2018

Major: neurobiology, physiology and behavior

Genre/Medium: film

About the work: An overview of the Psyche Inspired program.
Directed by: Brooke Owen
Introduction stop motion video by: Nikka Bacalzo
Music by: Isaac Wisdom
Edited by: Brooke Owen

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Psyche Inspired

Learn more about the Psyche Inspired program and view other works


Psyche Inspired