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Somewhere Between Jupiter and Mars

Levi Keatts

March 27, 2020

Major: Art Foundation (intended Painting/Mathematics double major)

Genre/Medium: oil on canvas and jasper beads

About the work: This piece is a homage to the advancement of art and exploration. Debatably, the earliest known piece of art was the Makapansgat pebble. This is a small red jasperite rock that looks like it has a face on it, which was caused by natural withering. Some early human found this pebble and decided to carry it back to their cave roughly 20 miles away. This makes me think about how far we have come as humans–from being enamored with a pebble to sending an unmanned space craft to an asteroid 2.3 Astronomical units away and making art about it. I hoped to display this with a three-panel painting. The first panel shows a human surrounded by jasper beads, representing the Makapansgat pebble. The second panel depicts the moon, representing one of the most noteworthy feats of human exploration. And finally, the last panel depicts the asteroid 16-Psyche, representing our current field of exploration.

Date Added: 03-27-2020
Credit: Levi Keatts

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