Magnetic Field

Monica Moreno

April 11, 2020

Major: Jewelry/Metalworking

Genre/Medium: engraving

About the work: The Psyche spacecraft is to be sent off with a set of scientific instruments meant to collect information about the Psyche asteroid. One of those instruments is a magnetometer, which will be measuring Psyche’s magnetic field. I aim to show the connection between the Psyche spacecraft, the asteroid, and its magnetic field in this art piece.

Also, with this piece, I am excited to showcase one of the newest skills that I have the pleasure to be learning – hand engraving. Hand engraving is an age-old art form created by pushing sharpened steel knives of various shapes through metal. Through a series of cuts and other techniques, the engraver creates images. I used a handful of traditional hand engraving techniques on this steel plate to texturize and outline the asteroid, spacecraft, and the rings representing the asteroid’s magnetic field. It is fascinating to learn about the objects that scientists and engineers have to plan for in order to make sure they are able to collect as much valuable information from their efforts as possible. The magnetometer is only one of many that will be included in the Psyche spacecraft.

For the gift of learning how to engrave, I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge my engraving teacher, mentor, and friend, Master Engraver John K. Barraclough. I will forever be thankful to him for passing his years of knowledge to me with generosity, kindness, and patience. With this opportunity, I also must thank the Psyche team. It has been a real learning experience and a wonderful opportunity to have participated in the Psyche Inspired program. Thank you for making it possible, for your kindness, and for your support.

Date Added: 05-11-2020
Credit: Monica Moreno

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