Monica Moreno

January 27, 2019

Major: Jewelry/Metalworking

Genre/Medium: mixed media sculpture

About the work: There are multiple layers to people, rosebuds, and things much larger in size, like the planet that we live on. This mixed media sculpture speaks of the importance and purpose of studying the Psyche asteroid– for us humans to perhaps discover what is at the center of Earth, past its crust, and mantle.

My sculpture showcases my own artistic interpretation of what a planet that has collided with another object might look like. It is made of recycled materials, including plastic, wood, paper, and pewter that I carved, melted, and sculpted. The planet is held by a painted clay hand. The Psyche Mission itself is intriguing to me, but I feel like I have to take as many opportunities as possible during my Psyche Inspired internship to tie a human aspect to the Psyche asteroid and the creation and launch of the Psyche spacecraft. To me, the people working on the mission are just as intriguing as the mission itself.

Date Added: 02-27-2020
Credit: Monica Moreno

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