This piece is a simple representation of Psyche with an emphasis on rays of light surrounding the asteroid. The rays extending out from Psyche represent the many different angles from which the asteroid will be observed and analyzed. Lines from varoious angles are drawn to show the Psyche asteroid in all its glory.

Psyche Inspired – Nickel Class



July 7, 2021

Major: Astrophysics and Mechanical Engineering

Genre/Medium: Music (Guitar, Piano, Violin, Recording and Producing Software, Mavic Mini Drone, Drums, Nikon D7500 Camera)

About the work: “Ascension” is a musical piece that captures the future launch of the Psyche spacecraft, which is scheduled for August 2022. It starts off with audio from one of the Apollo launches, which foreshadows what mission control will sound like when the launch happens. Guitar, piano, violin, drums, and various electronic sounds are used to paint a picture of what the launch might sound and look like. The video is simply for dramatic effect and for fun! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Psyche Inspired Overview

Psyche Inspired is a program that brings undergraduate students from any discipline or major together to share the excitement, innovation, and scientific and engineering content of NASA’s Psyche mission with the public in new ways through artistic and creative works. These works are posted in the gallery above and highlighted on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. View the full resolution images in the image gallery. ASU undergraduate Kaxandra Nessi is the student manager of Psyche Inspired. Brooke Owen was the former student manager from 2017-2019. This year’s Psyche Inspired cohort is known as the Nickel Class. Their virtual year-end Showcase may be explored online.

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Psyche Inspired was piloted at ASU during the 2017-2018 academic year. The following academic year, Psyche Inspired expanded nationally! The works from each Psyche Inspired cohort are collected in individual downloadable books that tell the story of Psyche through musical scores, sculptures, painting, 3-D models, photography, acrylic art, needlepoint, stop-motion films, mixed media, and more.

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