Psyche Science Goals and Objectives (Asteroid Chillin’)

T.M.S. (Aurelia L. Waller)

June 14, 2021

Major: Astronomical and Planetary Sciences

Genre/Medium: BandLab, Clips, iMovie, Paint 3D

About the work: “Psyche Science Goals and Objectives (Asteroid Chillin’)” is a song with a fun twist talking about Psyche’s science goals and objectives. I thought it would be neat to bring music to a STEM list.

Psyche Science Goals

  • Understand a previously unexplored building block of planet formation: iron cores.
  • Look inside terrestrial planets, including Earth, by directly examining the interior of a differentiated body, which otherwise could not be seen.
  • Explore a new type of world. For the first time, examine a world made not of rock and ice, but metal.

Psyche Science Objectives

  • Determine whether Psyche is a core, or if it is unmelted material.
  • Determine the relative ages of regions of Psyche’s surface.
  • Determine whether small metal bodies incorporate the same light elements as are expected in the Earth’s high-pressure core.
  • Determine whether Psyche was formed under conditions more oxidizing or more reducing than Earth’s core.
  • Characterize Psyche’s topography.
Date Added: 06-14-2021
Credit: Aurelia Waller

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