Psyche Inspired: Anne Elliott

Institution: Rochester Institute of technology

Major: New Media Design

Psyche Inspired Class: 2020-2021

Reflections on Psyche Inspired

Reflections on Project 1: Psyche: Journey to a Metal World

Psyche: Journey to a Metal World

Anne Elliott

November 16, 2020

Major: New Media Design

Genre/Medium: Adobe After Effects

About the work: This video was made to inspire people to learn more about the Psyche mission. I created abstract 3D representations of the asteroid Psyche and pieces of Earth to generate excitement around the idea of discovering more about Earth’s core.

Reflections on Project 2: Countdown to Psyche

Countdown to Psyche

Anne Elliott

January 15, 2021

Major: New Media Design

Genre/Medium: Cinema 4D, After Effects, HTML/CSS/Javascript

About the work: I designed and coded a countdown timer that displays the time until the Psyche launch (August 2022), along with information about the current mission phase with a link to learn more. A 3D model of the Psyche asteroid rotates as you scroll. The asteroid model I used was created using radar from Arecibo Observatory; I used Cinema 4D to animate it and bring it to life. This project is meant to create more excitement and interest around the Psyche mission! To view the website, visit

Reflections on Project 3: Collision

A pathway leads to the Psyche asteroid in a collision with another asteroid body. The collision is bright, illuminating other asteroids around Psyche. Gaseous clouds surround the collision. Two scientists in lab coats stand at the beginning of the pathway, gazing towards this spectacle of a collision.


Anne Elliott

February 19, 2021

Major: New Media Design

Genre/Medium: digital art created in Procreate

About the work: The Psyche asteroid is hypothesized to be the remains of an early planetary core that became exposed via collisions that stripped away its outer layers. In this illustration, I wanted to convey the beauty of space exploration, and how visiting Psyche could help us discover the origins of the Earth. I have also envisioned what this illustration could look like as a hero image for an article about the mission.

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Reflections on Project 4: Deciphering Psyche

Three illustrations showing different instruments on the Psyche spacecraft. There is a multispectral imager, a gamma ray and neutron spectrometer, and a magnetometer. The illustrations are made of purple and blues, surrounded by spherical elements representing molecules.

Deciphering Psyche

Anne Elliott

April 26, 2021

Major: New Media Design

Genre/Medium: digital art

About the work: These illustrations depict artistic representations of three instruments (the multispectral imager, gamma ray and neutron spectrometer, and magnetometer) that will be used to determine what Psyche is made of and whether or not it is remnant material from an early planetary core.

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