The Formation of Psyche

Brianna Young

November 17, 2020

Major: Graphic Design

Genre/Medium: digital illustration, created in Illustrator and Photoshop

About the work: For this project, I created a book of eight postage stamps. These stamps illustrate how Psyche may have come to be, in eight different phases. I wanted to use postage stamps because they are tiny, but a necessary part of mail circulation. Using postage stamps will help express that Psyche is far away and tiny on a planetary scale, but is an important step towards the future of space exploration. The border of the upper right hand corner of an envelope around the stamps can also symbolize Psyche’s potential remanent magnetic field. Furthermore, postage stamps have a designated price. Because Psyche was the 16th asteroid discovered, the stamps are worth 16 cents, and the numbers on the bar code illustrate the start and end dates of this flight mission by month and year.

I do not digitally illustrate often, so I was excited to experiment with a new medium. To accomplish this project, I started off by researching different U.S. postage stamps and their sizes. Once I found the exact size, I sketched out my illustrations in my notebook. I was then able to digitally create sketches in Adobe Illustrator and bring them to life on postage stamps and envelopes in Adobe Photoshop.

Date Added: 11-17-2020
Credit: Brianna Young

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