Rock n’ Rug


April 7, 2021

Major: Graphic Design

Genre/Medium: yarn and gridded latch hook rug canvas

About the work: The small area rug I crafted is a rough, oblong circle shape that stretches approximately 41 inches wide and 34 inches high. I used eight different colored yarn to construct my rug: white, yellow, brown, royal blue, light gray, dark grey, black infused with purple, and black infused with tinsel. Each yarn bundle was not a single, solid color; the yarn was textured with brown or tan specs as well as infused with a lighter and darker hue of the overall color. For example, the blue yarn had lighter shades of baby blue and yellow infused in between the royal blue color. The overall rug is a yarn replica of the rendered photos of the psyche asteroid. The top left corner is light grey and white with a golden stripe leading to the center of the asteroid and both of its craters. The larger crater rests on the side of the asteroid, slightly above on the smaller crater on the left side. The bottom right of the asteroid is covered by shadows, leaving it to be a dark blue, brown, and black color.


Date Added: 04-07-2021

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