In Motion

Siena Smania

March 26, 2021

Major: Astrobiology

Genre/Medium: animation via zoetrope

About the work: When I was a child, my family used to travel a lot. Whenever we went to a new place, we were bound to find an antique store. One item that I always found astonishing were these antique spinning animations called zoetropes. Zoetropes were one of the several pre-film animations that displayed the illusion of motion. I was in awe the first time I saw the wheel spun to create an animation similar to old cartoons I had seen on TV. It captured my imagination, just as I hope to capture the imaginations of many with this Psyche-inspired zoetrope. Figuring out how to construct a zoetrope that could spin fast enough to produce an image in motion was half of the project itself. In the end, I actually ended up using a spinning cake stand, which is typically used for icing and displaying cakes. For drawing each of the frames, I used the digital art tool Procreate.


Date Added: 03-26-2021
Credit: Siena Smania

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