Movement at Psyche

Zarina Karapetyan

April 5, 2021

Major: Art History

Genre/Medium: texture, sand, metals

About the work:  This piece was inspired by the idea of research and note taking: the beginning stages of the Psyche mission. Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebook was a key inspiration for this piece, with the red and grey writing invoking a similar style of writing to his sketches. The writings include statistics and details of the Psyche asteroid, along with a sheet of brass, aluminum, and slab of sand to represent the different metallic and earthly materials the asteroid may be composed of. The circular diagram shows the Psyche mission launch map in context with the Sun, Earth, and Mars. When viewing this piece, it feels like you’re looking at a topographical map, as well architectural plans. This piece also harbors the symbol for the Psyche asteroid on the right hand corner, the semicircle representing the symbol for the soul in Greek and the star on top representing a butterfly’s wing. The word Ψυχή is Greek for the Psyche goddess of the soul. All together, these elements create a painting that feels like a sheet ripped from a plan book, though elevated to highlight the research that goes into a space mission.

Date Added: 04-05-2021

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