Flyover of Psyche

Aarti Patel

January 11, 2021

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Genre/Medium: epoxy resin pour of acrylic paint texturized with black crystals and glitter on a wooden panel

About the work: Flyover of Psyche is an abstract, detailed view of what I imagine the surface of Psyche to look like. As an asteroid likely largely made of metal, I wanted to use vibrant gold, iron, and nickel colored tones to showcase the textures and formations that might be present on the surface. I have always wanted to try resin art and was inspired by various photos I have seen of geode resin art and marble-like finishes. The abstract technique and the marble-like finish were both qualities that I believed would showcase Psyche’s surface in a unique way. The piece was created on a wooden panel. I used epoxy resin mixed in with acrylic paint to create a thick consistency. The actual painting of this piece was done by pouring cups of the various paints onto the panel and blending it with a heat gun to control the direction and fluidity of the blend. Black crystals and glitter were added on the thick paint to add more of a rocky and metallic touch to the surface.

Date Added: 01-11-2021
Credit: Aarti Patel

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