Psyche’s Magnetic Fields

Aarti Patel

April 16, 2021

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Genre/Medium: 5 x 5 scratchboards, scratch tools, and acrylic paint

About the work: Psyche’s Magnetic Field is a vibrant collection of 3 pieces that portray varying simulated magnetic fields of the Psyche asteroid influenced by solar winds.These 3 pieces referenced actual simulated data and images with slight variance provided by the Magnetometry Investigation Team (MIT). Each piece is done using a 5 x 5″ scratchboard piece with initial sketches of the asteroid done in the center. By using scratch tools, the sketch is carved out and highlighted with acrylic paint. The blended orange, pink, and purple are meant to signify the Psyche mission’s logo and colors.


Date Added: 04-16-2021

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