Formation | Aspiration | Connection

Daniel Zepeda-Cuba

May 3, 2021

Major: New Media Design

Genre/Medium: Digital / Adobe Illustrator

About the work: The main goal of this project was to summarize every stage of the Psyche mission and interpret it in my own way. The 3 artworks depict (16) Psyche’s hypothesized creation, our imagination of what we hope to do with the asteroid, and the eventual launch of the Psyche spacecraft. The first artwork features the abstracted idea of what (16) Psyche looked like when it collided during its formation. For this, I hoped to capture the chaos and intensity of the impact, as well as the ever so slight formation of the asteroid we know today. The second work features a hand reaching out to grab the asteroid itself, a metaphor for our idea to come into contact with the asteroid and begin to understand the information it yields. The final artwork depicts the launch of the spacecraft from Earth towards (16) Psyche. I hoped to allude to an idea explored in one of my previous projects of Psyche sharing the same DNA of our planet.

Date Added: 05-03-2021

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