Mitchel Medvec

November 20, 2020

Major: Astrophysics and Mechanical Engineering

Genre/Medium: music recording and producing software

About the work: “Breathless” is an instrumental piece that captures the incredible intricacies of the Psyche mission and the mysteriousness of space and the Psyche asteroid. The piece starts off with a violin solo and vocals to represent the launch and the beginning of the journey for the Psyche spacecraft. Next, drums start to play, representing the incredible power of the rocket boosters. The piece then builds up to a brief “breathless” moment when the spacecraft reaches space and starts to float. The drums and other instruments then come back in to represent the spacecraft heading towards the asteroid in the depths of space. “Breathless” finally comes to an end with a call and response between an electric guitar, representing the sharpness of the Psyche spacecraft, and the trumpets/violins, representing the incredible vastness of the Psyche asteroid.

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Date Added: 11-20-2020
Credit: Mitchel Medvec

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