Art of an Asteroid

Aarti Patel

February 26, 2021

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Genre/Medium: digital illustration using Adobe Illustrator

About the work: The Art of an Asteroid showcases Psyche in an artistic light with brushes of paint and mandala patterns placed in craters, grooves, and edges of the asteroid. The digital piece was done using Adobe Illustrator and layering techniques to incorporate different levels and tones of color and to bring a more artistic view of Psyche. The purpose of this piece is to portray Psyche in a delicate manner, as if one were looking at a delicate piece of art. With all the craters, grooves, and roughness found on the surface, I wanted to portray the beauty and to shine a light on the creative, natural patterns that could potentially exist from the intense formation of the Psyche asteroid.


Date Added: 02-26-2021
Credit: Aarti Patel

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