Toward Collision

Cameryn Laborte

March 22, 2021

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Genre/Medium: isomalt, cake

About the work: I was inspired by the hypothesis that Psyche may be the product of powerful collisions that stripped away the mantle of a protoplanet, leaving behind its inner core material. In this piece, I wanted to demonstrate a cross-section of that protoplanet headed towards a powerful collision with edible art. I textured white chocolate, broke it into shards, and colored it with different shades of grey metallic powder to represent the hypothesized iron core. I chose these metallic colorings and sharp, jagged textures to contrast the rocky mantle. I packed a chocolate hemisphere with a chocolate cake and frosting mixture to represent the mantle. Crumbled cake shows the contrast of how soft rock materials are in comparison to metal. The crumbled cake also showed the characteristics of some rocky asteroids composed of many individual stones, or in this case crumbs. To show the movement that this protoplanet would go through, I used isomalt to create a red sugar sail that surrounds the chocolate hemisphere.

Date Added: 03-22-2021
Credit: Cameryn Laborte

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