Logo Loop & Neon Psy-gn

Sarai Rankin

March 18, 2021

Major: Physics

Genre/Medium: digital, FireAlpaca

About the work: “Logo Loop” and “Neon Psy-gn” (pronounced “sign”) are both animated gifs celebrating how exciting the Psyche mission is. I wanted to make them eye-catching to draw people into the mission. All the frames were drawn and assembled in FireAlpaca. Initially, the gifs were supposed to be used as live wallpapers for people’s phones (and they are currently my phone’s home and lock screen), but I also believe they can be used in other areas as promotional material! “Logo” would make an interesting intro/closer clip to a video presentation, and “Neon” could be a cool addition to a webpage. Overall, the gifs have a lot of potential to be unlocked, just like the information we will retrieve from Psyche!

Download Logo Loop: .gif or .mp4

Download Neon Psy-gn: .gif or .mp4

Date Added: 03-18-2021
Credit: Sarai Rankin

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