Psyche Light

Sam Hollasch

February 3, 2021

Major: Industrial Design

Genre/Medium: sculpture and product design; made from clear-set resin and cork

About the work: This is a light, or mood lamp, made from cork and clear-cast resin. The base is laminated cork that has been sanded smooth with a natural finish. The dome is sculpted to mimic the cratered surface of the asteroid Psyche. The texture is double-layered: both the outer and inner surfaces were cast from heavily sculpted molds. The outside is finished with a hard-set clear coating, and the inside is frosted to reduce transparency. The shifting, translucent surface of the dome diffuses a soft orange light, which flickers gently at the heart of the form.

For this project, I was inspired to create a representation of Psyche’s potential as a source of knowledge and discovery. There is still much that remains unknown about the asteroid, and there is opportunity there to learn more about the universe, and about ourselves. The light of this little lamp represents that journey of discovery.

Date Added: 02-03-2021
Credit: Sam Hollasch

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