Madam in her Universe

Brianna Young

February 1, 2021

Major: Graphic Design

Genre/Medium: mixed media: acrylic paint, oil-based paint, marker, soft pastels, tape, charcoal, paper, and tin foil

About the work: For this project, I created a multidimensional, mixed media painting based on the Greek goddess Psyche. The center of the piece is an up close, semi-transparent portrait of Psyche surrounded by her universe. However, the painting is not just about the Goddess, but what she represents: the soul. Thus, there are many other motifs related to the soul of asteroid (16) Psyche and its mission. Such motifs include:

    • The Psyche spaceship as the Goddess’s eyes, as the spacecraft will substitute for our eyes in flight.
    • Mars and Jupiter overlapping with the Goddess, as (16) Psyche is located in the main asteroid belt orbiting between these two planets.
    • The first phase stamp I created for my first Psyche Inspired project, to symbolize the beginning of the goddess Psyche and my story with this mission.
    • Mission to Psyche’s tagline: Journey to a Metal World.
    • The mission overview swirled around the goddess’s face, to show the viewers of the painting the exciting and long journey the Psyche spacecraft will undergo throughout our solar system. It will launch from Earth in August 2022 (cheek of goddess), have a Mars gravity assist in May 2023 (left temple of goddess), arrive at the asteroid in January 2026 (under stamp), and end Orbit October 2027 (under the C in “Psyche””).
    • The number 16 on the chest of the Psyche goddess, as Psyche was the 16th asteroid discovered.

In order to complete this piece, I collected a wide range of media to cover the canvas. Such materials include: acrylic paint, oil-based paint, marker, soft pastels, tape, charcoal, paper, and tin foil. The painting textures and exposed organic forms are intended to mimic the hypothesized formation of Psyche, which includes violent impacts that stripped away the asteroid’s mantle and left the exposed core. The aluminum foil is intended to display (16) Psyche’s potential metallic nature. I used an expressionist painting technique to convey the emotional experience of the Psyche mission rather than impressions of the external world. Using a wide range of medium and abstract styles helps express the complex makings and mysteries of space and (16) Psyche.

Date Added: 02-01-2021
Credit: Brianna Young

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