Cookie Psyche Excitement

Cameryn Laborte

November 05, 2020

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Genre/Medium: butter cookies and icing

About the work: I relate the excitement of sharing Psyche to the sharing of good food. With that, I created a set of decorated cookies to look like the mission badge and the Psyche asteroid. I designed and 3D printed custom cookie cutters, with the mission badge cutter having a stamping feature for greater accuracy of the design. After baking, I used icing of the same colors as the mission badge. I tried smearing the icing to create gradients similar to the badge. For a more detailed approach, such as the black lettering and most accurate badge cookie, I used an edible watercolor technique.

Download the templates to make your own!

Date Added: 11-05-2020
Credit: Cameryn Laborte

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