Outer Soul

Sarai Rankin

January 25, 2021

Major: Physics

Genre/Medium: sculpture made of repurposed globe, acrylic paint, liquid solder, craft flowers, wires, liquid plastic

About the work: “Outer Soul” is my interpretation of Psyche as a fully formed planet. Following the hypothesis that Psyche may be a planetary core, I wanted to show off the potential Psyche, and other planetary cores, could have if they had completed their formations. This piece is composed of a globe painted in Psyche mission colors, and it is drizzled with metal to remind everyone of the metal core center. The cutout is filled with flowers to represent cultivation and butterflies, a symbol for the soul. All of these elements come together to show the amazing things that come from planets, such as non-water rain, gaseous storms, and organic life. The possibility to visit a potential planetary core is incredibly fortunate and will lead to hundreds of new revelations about planetary formations.

Date Added: 01-25-2021
Credit: Sarai Rankin

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