Textures of Psyche

Zarina Karapetyan

December 17, 2020

Major: Art History

Genre/Medium: plaster, sand, texture paste, acrylic and watercolor

About the work: This multi-media piece titled The Textures of Psyche is inspired by the rugged landscape of what the Psyche asteroid could look like. This piece was made with sand, cement paste, and earthy elements that flow seamlessly with each other. The craters, peaks, and cracks show the impacts that this metallic world has gone through over time. The colors are soft and hold an atmospheric quality to them, representing the ethereal nature of the cosmos. Further layers of gold and copper metal paint reflect in the light, representing the unknown metals on the mysterious Psyche asteroid.

Date Added: 12-17-2020
Credit: Zarina Karapetyan

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