Psyche and the Night Sky

Aarti Patel

April 9, 2021

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Genre/Medium: Acrylic painting done on a wooden panel with a cut out collage of a constellation

About the work: Psyche and the Night Sky is a piece that shows Psyche in a new light with respect to the stars and the placement of objects in the sky. Not only do we see stars and planets when we look up at the sky, but we also see other bodies, such as asteroids. (16) Psyche is currently in the constellation of Taurus, and like most bodies in space, its placement changes and can be communicated with respect to constellations and other space bodies around it. My piece shows Psyche in a new perspective: as a map of the constellations to highlight the differing placements of bodies in space.

Date Added: 04-09-2021
Credit: Aarti Patel

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