Psyche Vintage Travel Poster

Daniel Zepeda-Cuba

November 23, 2020

Major: New Media Design

Genre/Medium: digital animation

About the work: This piece is a vintage travel poster for (16) Psyche. The intent was to make the poster feel aged with vintage style graphics and colors in order to allude to the fact that Psyche is a planetary core formed long ago. I wanted the asteroid to be the main focus of the poster, but I still wanted to add the fact that we are well on our way to visiting the asteroid by including the spacecraft hovering close by. I then chose to animate the poster to add a feeling that all the elements within were floating in space and create this surreal feeling of seeing the poster in motion. The concept originally began as a postcard, but I later transitioned the idea into a larger poster to better capture the scale of the asteroid.

Date Added: 11-25-2020
Credit: Daniel Zepeda-Cuba

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