Essence of Psyche

Aarti Patel

December 1, 2020

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Genre/Medium: scratchboard medium with carvings done by scratch knives and gouache paint added for color

About the work: For my first project in this program, I wanted to focus in on the contours, topography, and ultimately the essence of Psyche. The main focus was to create vibrant metallic textures that may be found on the Psyche asteroid. There is a possibility that Psyche may consist largely of metal from the core of a protoplanet, and with that, I was inspired to create a very detailed scratchboard piece highlighting the craters and ridges formed from violent impacts present early in the formation of Psyche. To highlight the metallic texture and the colors of the Psyche mission, I used diluted gouache paint for the contours of Psyche, and I used a more opaque form of the gouache paint for the satellite and the galaxy clouds, which were done in the mission’s colors.

Date Added: 12-01-2020
Credit: Aarti Patel

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