Psyche Inspired: Alyssa Thornhill

Institution: Arizona State University

Major: Graphic Information Technology

Psyche Inspired Class: 2020-2021

Reflections on Psyche Inspired

Reflections on Project 1: Birth of Psyche

In the center of the image is a portrait of a woman, a representation of life and Psyche, that is slightly see through with pink and purple colors. Behind the woman light shines from a collision of two asteroids. The background is a dark blue with other colors within in representing light and stars. In the bottom right corner is the Earth and Moon.

Birth of Psyche

Alyssa Thornhill

December 15, 2020

Major: Graphic Information Technology

Genre/Medium: Adobe Illustrator

About the work: My digital work Birth of Psyche is a vector image I made in Adobe Illustrator. I was inspired by the insight studying Psyche will give us into our own planet. We are getting a deeper understanding of how planets form. I wanted to represent the birth of Psyche and this knew found knowledge through light, which appears through the collision of the two asteroids. Psyche was the goddess of the soul as well, so I wanted to represent her as a spirit by making her more opaque.

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Reflections on Project 2: Space Girl/Looks of Psyche

One makeup look with pink, purple, and tints of yellow and orange (goddess look), and another with a base of grey and gold leaf with sculpted craters (asteroid).

Space Girl / Looks of psyche

Alyssa Thornhill

February 24, 2021

Major: Graphic Information Technology

Genre/Medium: face paint, gold lead, scar wax, eyeshadow

About the work: Makeup has always been a creative outlet that I admired, so I wanted to combine both my passion for art, makeup, and space into one. One cannot ignore the beauty of Psyche’s surface, which inspired the grey look with gold leaf. Using the Psyche mission’s color palette, the other look is meant to represent the Greek goddess the asteroid was named after.

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Reflections on Project 3: The Alma Mission

The Alma Mission


June 23, 2021

Major: Graphic Information Technology

Genre/Medium: Ink, pencil, and paper

About the work: The Alma Mission is a story about a little girl named Alma and her sister having a conversation outside under the stars. Alma’s sister, Felicity, tells her the story of a lonely protoplanet searching space for a friend. One day the protoplanet saw someone in the distance, and to their surprise, it was space debris. As the girls embraced, the protoplanet and space debris collision created something amazing: Psyche. Alma is amazed by the story and Felicity explains she learned about this through a friend in the Psyche mission. Alma declares she will learn all she can about space and one day work on a mission; however, Alma realizes she doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do. Felicity explains to Alma that she learned there are so many designers, engineers, and other occupations behind the scenes. In a mission, there is room for her there or anywhere if she puts her mind to it. The sisters hug and Felicity tells Alma that she and their family will always be there for her and to follow her heart and do what makes her happy. Felicity sweeps Alma into her arms and holds her in the air as if she is flying before the sisters head in for the night.

I was inspired to make this story since this mission showed me how many different people with different expertise work together for something so important and how significant each role is. I believe educating the younger generation to follow their passions and continue learning is very important. Art and storytelling is a great way of reaching and connecting with younger audiences.

Reflections on Project 4: Trail of Psyche

Trail of Psyche


June 9, 2021

Major: Graphic Information Technology

Genre/Medium: Embroidery on organza fabric

About the work: “Trail of Psyche” shows the magnetic field of the asteroid through embroidery on organza fabric. The trail behind Psyche represents its path and the solar wind hitting the surface of the asteroid. The stitching is meant to look more abstract since we don’t know exactly what Psyche looks like.

Psyche Inspired

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