Behind Psyche

Noah Keime

March 23, 2020

Major: Biology and Studio Art

Genre/Medium: ProCreate on the iPad

About the work: Upon being asked what they would like to see more of in Psyche Inspired art, Psyche team members often answered, “The number and variety of people it takes to get a mission like this going.” I found this particularly inspiring, and I decided that I wanted to try and do it some justice with my piece. Though this work only shows a small number of those responsible for Psyche, it shows the range in occupation of people working on Psyche. There are far more individuals who have contributed significantly to Psyche, and unfortunately due to the style of this drawing, only a handful of the team was shown. It takes an army to do a mission like this, and hopefully “Behind Psyche” gives the viewer an idea of this reality.

The background of theis piece is an amorphous collection of colors that are reminiscent of those in the Psyche logo: purple, pink, and yellow.

Depicted from left to right:
Diane Brown – Psyche Program Executive HQ
Henry Stone – Project Manager JPL
Carol Tolbert – GRC Psyche Program Manager
Lindy Elkins-Tanton – Principal Investigator ASU
Jim Bell – Deputy PI ASU
Sarah Noble – Psyche Program Scientist HQ
David Oh – Project System Engineer, JPL

Date Added: 03-23-2020
Credit: Noah Keime

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