The Many Aspects of Psyche

Binh-An Nguyen

March 9, 2020

Major: Chemistry (Art Minor)

Genre/Medium: pen and ink

About the work: The entire Psyche Mission could not be possible without all the people who make up the Psyche team. Many most likely think that the only people who make up the team are experienced engineers and scientist, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are geologists, artists, and students from across the country that are working on projects that relate to Psyche. Together, we all work toward a common goal: to visit Psyche, a mostly metal world. In order to spread the message of teamwork and diversity in disciplines in the Psyche Mission, I decided to make a poster that emphasizes this. Fine lines of ink make up the illustration of various people working on the mission. I decided to leave it uncolored because I wanted to let those who wish to have the poster get some creative liberty of what their poster will look like. They can decide to leave it uncolored or add their own details. Hopefully, more people can see that anyone can be a part of a mission like Psyche, and that NASA missions are not just limited to scientists or engineers. The Psyche Mission would not be possible without the many collaborators in this project.

Date Added: 03-09-2020
Credit: Binh-An Nguyen

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