Psyche in Motion

Noah Keime

December 9, 2019

Major: Biology and Studio Art

Genre/Medium: ProCreate on the iPad

About the work: This pieces is an animation created using Procreate, and it was inspired by the Psyche Spacecraft orbiting 16 Psyche. Rather than simply depicting the movement of the satellite around the asteroid, I thought it would be interesting to transform the latter into the Psyche Mission logo. In order to do this, I rendered out an undulating mass of colors, which follow the satellite on its orbit of Psyche. The colors used in the form are those used in Psyche’s logo. As the satellite and colors move, the logo is slowly revealed. Then, as the orbit is completed, the logo is finally revealed in its entirety. In order to transition back to the asteroid, so that the animation could loop continuously, the logo implodes upon itself. I used this style of movement because I found it very visually pleasing, and I thought it nicely mirrored the colored mass that followed the spacecraft. As the logo is pulled towards the center of the canvas, the asteroid is slowly revealed, and the animation begins again.

Date Added: 12-09-2019
Credit: Noah Keime

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