Psyche’s Projected Orbits

fiona Schneider

November 18, 2019

Major: Graphic Design

Genre/Medium: Motion Graphic, Adobe After Effects

About the work: Recently, the orbit pattern for the Psyche mission was released on social media. I thought animating these orbit patterns would be a successful way to show how the craft would move around and interact with the asteroid. Motion graphics often help the public visualize scientific concepts that cannot be easily seen otherwise, such as the inner workings of a cell. Since the Psyche mission is an orbiting mission and will not physically land on the asteroid, I feel like it’s important to have this distinction made using visual guides like my animation. To make my animation, I developed an illustration of both the craft and asteroid using the Psyche brand colors in Adobe Illustrator before taking them into Adobe After Effects and animating them.

Date Added: 11-18-2019
Credit: Fiona Schneider

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