Psyche Sunrise

Noah Keime

May 22, 2020

Major: Biology and Studio Art

Genre/Medium: ProCreate

About the work: Take a look at what it would be like to watch a beautiful “sunrise” on (16) Psyche as you catch a glimpse of a satellite flying above you. Watch as the sunlight reflects beautifully off the likely largely iron-nickel surface of the asteroid, casting beautiful shadows and luminous highlights across the surface. This piece was inspired by, and meant to be reminiscent of, a poster from the 1940s. It has a relatively limited color scheme and assertive wording to drive home its message. I wanted it to feel like this is something you could have seen on the window of a shop in the past. The viewer is supposed to feel as though they are sitting somewhere on Psyche, at a moment when the Psyche satellite is hurtling through space overhead. Because Psyche is an asteroid, and therefore has no atmosphere, I thought it would be particularly cool to see the view just as the Sun was peeking over the horizon. All of these aspects are meant to make viewers feel as though they are a part of the Psyche satellite’s journey and are watching it complete its final orbits of the asteroid.

Date Added: 05-22-2020
Credit: Noah Keime

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