Solidarity with Psyche

Noah Keime

November 13, 2019

Major: Biology and Studio Art

Genre/Medium: ProCreate on the iPad

About the work: This work was made using Procreate on iPad. This piece was inspired largely by the gravity assist Psyche will receive as it flies by Mars. I was amazed that people could figure out precisely when to launch the spacecraft in order to catch Mars’s gravity in such a way that it is whipped around in the exact orientation that it needs to be to reach the Psyche asteroid and enter Psyche’s orbit. The viewer looks out directly onto the Psyche spacecraft and is flanked by two asteroids in the corners of the pieces. These asteroids are intended to make one feel as though they are traveling with the satellite. The orbits of the planet in the mid-ground of the piece are shown on an axis to further indicate the difficulty of the Psyche spacecraft’s journey. The nebulae in the background are colored in hues reminiscent of the Psyche mission logo.

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Date Added: 11-23-2019
Credit: Noah Keime

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