Chase Mortensen

March 13, 2020

Major: Computer Science

Genre/Medium: acoustic guitar with digital effects

About the work: Orbit is an interpretation of the Psyche spacecraft arriving at and orbiting the asteroid. The computer-generated sounds are representative of the spacecraft and the guitar is representative of the asteroid. Both the guitar and the electronic sounds pan between left and right to give the impression of movement. The guitar, which represents the metallic nature of the asteroid, has a vibrato-type effect applied to it and slight detuning to indicate the irregularities on the surface of (16) Psyche. The electronic noises include distorted speech and more electronic sounding beeps, which represent the communication that will occur between Earth and the spacecraft. The song follows the path of the Psyche spacecraft. Initially, the asteroid is not present, and the song ends with the spacecraft going offline.

Date Added: 03-13-2020
Credit: Chase Mortensen

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