Shannon Hack

February 26, 2020

Major: Art studies

Genre/Medium: mixed media: wood, vinyl, LED, 3D print, electrical components

About the work: Voyage is a kinetic sculpture designed to translate the mission and the journey the orbiter will take to collect information from the Psyche asteroid. This piece is a 30”x30”x6” wood housing and is overlaid with a vinyl image of the mission’s trajectory. LED lights each mark an average of 6 months of the orbiter’s time until reaching Psyche. The housing holds three 3D printed Psyche models, which are highlighted with black lights and viewed through holes in their perspective space along the trajectory. When on, the LEDs light up and all the asteroids revolve in sequence and then turn off in a reverse sequence. The initial sequence is meant to convey the orbiter’s journey to Psyche, and the reverse sequence symbolizes the information the orbiter is transmitting back to Earth.

Date Added: 02-18-2020
Credit: Shannon Hack

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