A Magical Expedition

Shannon Hack

February 5, 2020

Major: Art studies

Genre/Medium: lexan, caulking, and paint

About the work: This piece features five Lexan panels painted to mimic stained glass with the depiction of the Psyche asteroid and her orbiter with Mars and Jupiter framing them on either end. This piece is designed to help viewers understand the location of Psyche and can be installed to give the observers multiple experiences. From one side, the panels are smooth providing a purely visual viewing. When observing from the other side, the panels consist of 3D lines and textured surfaces the viewer can touch. The idea is that one side signifies the preconceived notions about the Psyche Mission while the other epitomizes the varied, new information the Psyche Mission is designed to gather. The reflection each panel casts onto the wall or floor when light passes through them is that of their hazy image, which is a reminder that although we may feel we see things clearly, there is always more knowledge to be gained. The multiple functions this piece can perform symbolizes the many possibilities we are about to learn with the Psyche Mission.

Date Added: 02-05-2020
Credit: Shannon Hack

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