Psyche Necklace

fiona Schneider

April 17, 2020

Major: Graphic Design

Genre/Medium: Illustrator, laser cutter

About the work: Since most of my design work for the program has been digital, I wanted to try transferring a design into a 3D medium. Inspired by one of the other interns, who often creates jewelry, I decided to make a necklace. Chunky, abstract shaped jewelry has always a favorite of mine, so I began by creating an abstract rendition of the Psyche spacecraft and asteroid. I then decided on the colors and materials of my piece. I went for a lightweight acrylic in orange and red to match our program’s colors. I then used a laser cutter to cut my abstract shapes out of acrylic sheets and added them onto a chain to create my necklace.

Date Added: 04-17-2020
Credit: Fiona Schneider

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